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Protecting Naval Vessels - A Closer Look at Terma's C-Guard Decoy Launching System

Naval vessels are critical assets in any country's defense arsenal, but they are also vulnerable to a variety of threats, both above and below the surface. To protect the vessels, it is essential to have reliable and effective countermeasures in place, including systems for self-defense such as Terma's C-Guard decoy launching system.


Our C-Guard system is a combat proven naval decoy launching system that provides a comprehensive defense against a range of threats. The system uses advanced technology to counter incoming missile threats from the air and underwater threats, such as torpedoes.

One of the key components of the C-Guard system is its ability to launch both chaff and flares, which are used to confuse, distract, and seduce incoming missiles. Chaff consists of small pieces of aluminum or other lightweight materials that are designed to reflect radar signals. When deployed, chaff creates a cloud of reflective particles that can seduce an incoming radar guided missile and cause it to miss the intended target. Flares, on the other hand, emit a hot, intense light that can create a temporary diversion and seduce an incoming heat-seeking missile from reaching its intended target.

In addition to chaff and flares, the C-Guard system also incorporates advanced acoustic countermeasures that can be used to counter incoming torpedo threats. These countermeasures consist of jamming as well as a series of acoustic signals which act as false targets thus confusing the guidance systems of incoming torpedoes consequently absorbing the torpedoes’ energy and countering the attack.

Increased Demand for Decoy Launching Systems

Naval decoy launching systems such as C-Guard are becoming increasingly important as countries continue to invest in new and advanced missile and torpedo systems. Research and Markets* projects a significant growth in the global decoy market driven by factors, such as rising geopolitical tensions, increasing investment in military modernization programs, and the growing demand for anti-drone systems.

Advanced Self-Defense Capabilities

The growth within the decoy market also points towards future advances in the system’s self-defense capability as well as their capacity to operate autonomously. This is demonstrated by a growing interest in developing decoys for cyber deception which mimic the electronic signatures of real ships and protect the systems from cyberattacks. In addition, the future market is expected to include intelligent rounds pre-programmed before launch or during flight, steerable rounds and multiple purpose drones deployable from the launcher. As technology continues to evolve, the sophistication and effectiveness of these decoys will increase, making them an important tool in any naval strategy.

The Importance of Effective Countermeasures

Decoys playing such an integral part in naval strategies also underlines the importance of naval decoy launching systems like C-Guard, and it cannot be underestimated. These systems provide a critical layer of defense against incoming threats and can buy valuable time for crews to take defensive actions and increase survivability. Without effective countermeasures, naval vessels are left vulnerable to attack, which can have serious consequences for the safety of crew members and ultimately national security.


In conclusion, Terma's C-Guard Decoy Launching System is a highly effective platform for self-defense which has been proven by navies around the world. Its ability to launch NATO standard chaff and flare decoys, as well as advanced acoustic countermeasures, makes it a powerful tool in the fight against threats in the maritime domain. And as the global decoy market continues to grow, it is clear that this type of system will continue to play an important role in naval defense for years to come.

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